Vlop. A revolutionary social media platform. 

Vlop! It's already here! And you use it every day! Thousands of notifications and likes, engaging videos and engaging content that won't let you put your phone down... You know it, right?



key visual 


Media about the campaign

Revolutionary new app and social platform

Vlop!, the 'revolutionary new app and social platform' referred to in the advert, does not exist. But real VLOPs have existed for years and you use them every day. It's an acronym for Very Large Online Platforms, the largest platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (X) and TikTok.

Panoptykon Foundation

This advertisement was invented by the Panopticon Foundation to get your attention. It seems exaggerated, but in fact it only highlights the already existing mechanisms of real VLOPs. They show that the source of these problems is the business model of apps like Facebook or TikTok and their algorithms, which are designed to keep the attention of users for as long as possible.

Visual identity

Our aim was to create a fictional visual identity for the Vlop! app that would inspire trust in the eyes of its potential users and encourage them to download it immediately. The image of Vlop! simultaneously became the central element of the entire campaign.


Panoptykon Foundation

Strategy/creative concept:

Grupa Nowy®Ład

Motion graphics and editing:

Krzysztof Pacholski

Production supervision:

Dominik Radecki

Video and editing:

Przemek Grabicki


Kacper Karaśkiewicz


Dominik Czerny


Led Truck Media