we3studio est. 2017


We are a creative team combining the features of an agency and a boutique design studio. We are balancing on the crossroads of artistic and functional graphics using new technologies and innovative solutions, which are distinguished by careful workmanship. When designing, we always focus on authenticity and uniqueness. We pay great attention to details and treat our clients as partners. Your satisfaction is our must have.

We help companies to put their ideas into practice. Need our help?
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We art part of 4822 group.

Our Clients

We had the pleasure to implement projects for large and small companies and cooperate with public and cultural institutions.

Our team

Patryk Kalwas

Designer by education, programmer by passion. In his design work he combines his passion with design, creating unique interactive solutions. Privately, Gastroturist and founder of the initiative thebistelist.pl. In the studio he is responsible for creation and technological implementations.

Damian Ziółkowski

Designer, artist, art master and assistant in the Multimedia Studio at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, which he graduated with honours. In his works he uses the latest digital technologies, and in his graphic designs he looks for innovative artistic concepts based on emotions.

Julian Kondej

He gained his project experience while studying and working in Warsaw, Porto and Amsterdam. He co-created wayfinding projects for airports, museums and railway lines, as well as UI design for the largest Polish banks. In the studio he is responsible for customer relations and creation.

What we do

We meet, talk, learn about needs and meet expectations. See what we can support you in:

Visual identity

We will design for you a coherent, distinctive and unique brand image. We will make sure that the experience of your customers is unique in all brand touchpoints.

Web design

We design and build intriguing websites. We believe that the key to good design is well thought-out, intuitive architecture and unique UI.

Editorial design

A good project is not only about good design, but also a form, properly selected materials and printing techniques, as well as attention to details.


We design interactive audiovisual installations. We connect the virtual and physical world. In our projects we often implement new technologies such as mapping and augmented reality.


From time to time we receive awards and distinctions:

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Need help in creating a unique brand image?
Drop us a line: cotam@we3studio.pl