Damian Ziolkowski at the exhibition in Poznan 

"Przynęty i pułapki" is an exhibition about the city. You can see it from 15.05 to 04.07 in the Sluza Gallery in Poznan. Curators Jakub Kosecki, Julianna Kulczynska, Jarek Rusiński, Kasia Sinoracka and Ola Staśkiewicz invited me to participate and I invite you. At the exhibition I will present an interactive multimedia installation "Strach. Od początku do końca." Excerpt from the curatorial text: "The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the coexistence and interdependence of different social groups. It will also address the difficulties faced by people who do not conform to generally accepted norms. In this respect, the exhibition will signal the existence of a problem or conflict, while avoiding value judgments."

And here you can find the whole text and full information about the exhibition.

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Damian Ziolkowski a mentor in STGU program